Second Hand Novelette - by John M3 frame -

Second Hand Novelette

Second Hand Novelette

The clicks of a camera sound loud while a white-skinned young girl, who is in her underwear, smiles.

One of the photographers moves his hand to the side.

The girl watches him, her eyes look bright, her lips red.

Another of the photographers approaches and moves one of the umbrella lights that are pointed at the girl.

She puts one hand on her thigh very close to her panties, and with the other hand lightly moves her brown hair.

The photographer with the bigger camera looks at the screen and zooms in on the fold of the girl's panties right at her crotch, and nods.

  The girl uses both hands to adjust her bra and one of the photographers looks at the time on his watch.

It’s time!” a guy says sitting at a bar counter with two others.

The three look towards one of the tables.

There a man in a suit can be seen who maintains a relaxed posture looking directly into the eyes of a girl in an elegant pink blouse who subtly touches her hair.

“I can guarantee you one thing,” the man says to her in a very confident tone.

She looks at him flirtatiously, her light blue eyes sparkle, and her lips look rosier.

One of the guys walks towards the table, but goes straight past the side and then turns a few meters ahead.

The man turns to see him for a second, seems to nod, and then continues to look at the girl in her eyes.

“She's prettier than the one on Saturday,” one of the guys sitting at the bar says to another.

The other guy motions for him to shut up, looks at his watch, and then toward the table.


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